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Asia-Pacific Academic is a professional organization registered as The APIEA LLC, which also is known as APA”. We are dedicated to Education Abroad and International Studies.

Newly established in 2021, APA is founded by three women leaders who are passionate about international culture exchange and have been dedicated to the global education field since 2009. With 12 years of experience, members of the APA team have successfully worked with over 6,000 students and faculty in a variety of areas including faculty-led short-term study abroad programs, semester-long programs, internships, virtual learning, and language study.

Our team operates programs in over 15 countries/regions throughout the Asia Pacific, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, India, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

By providing young people with culture exchanges, practical learning, career development opportunities, we have formed a platform to connect the Asia Pacific with the rest of the world.

At APA, we value the opportunity to contribute to global interchange by uniting local communities, universities, corporates, and NGOs around the world.

We believe that every program with APA will provide students with unique perspectives while allowing students to improve their intercultural competence so they can adapt to a globalized world.


We are Professional
With 12 years of experience, the APA team has a solid foundation in the international education field. We have established and maintained professional internal and external operating systems to ensure the quality of each program
We are Very Flexible
Operating in an international field, we understand the inevitability of uncertainties and changes. Actively communicating with different parties, APA is always flexible and open to adjustments, timeline shifts and all kinds of possibilities.
We are Conscientious
Located in the Asia Pacific, we understand the region well. APA tries their utmost to address any problems that may arise in a responsible manner. We offer strong communication to make sure your group is in good hands.

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