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2024 APA Student Campaign – Study Abroad Reflection


Asia-Pacific Academic (APA) launched a student campaign – 2024 Study broad Reflection – to encourage students who share their study abroad journey. This campaign aims to showcase the stories of students who had once-in-a-lifetime experiences in the Asia-Pacific region, which we hope to give more students inspirations and motivations to study abroad for new perspectives and open minds. Besides that, we also want students to use creative ways to memorize and commemorate the most beautiful moments.

APA will collect all the pieces (articles, videos, illustrations, or any other creative ways) and select some of them for our archives and blogs. 3-5 pieces will be rewarded as the best or most creative pieces. Welcome to join our campaign and submit your reflection now!


01 - Application & Submission

Make a piece of a self-reflection based on your experiences during the APA study abroad program. After that, fill out the application form and submit your piece to us!

02 - Pieces Selection

APA will select 1-3 best pieces for each program based on the total amount of the applications.

If we choose your piece at this stage, you will receive $100 as a reward.

03 - Announcement & Post

APA will post the selected piece and announce the winner list on our official website or social media

04 - Final Pieces Selection

At the end of this year, APA will pick the best 1 piece to represent 2024 programs and the most 3 creative pieces from the reward lists of all the APA study abroad programs in 2024.

05 - Final Announcement & Post

APA will post the selected final pieces on our official website and announce the final rewards for 2024 APA Study Abroad Programs.

06 - APA Reward

APA will give $500 as the reward to the student who produces the best piece of the year 2024 and $100 to students who produce the most creative piece of the year 2024.

Submission Guidelines


The deadline for each program is different. You can check the deadline for your program by filling the APPLICATION FORM. Basically, the deadline will be 21 days after the end date of your program. After that, APA will take 7 days to review all the application and decide the reward list.

If you still have any questions about the deadeline for the program you attended, please send us an email with your program name. Our staff will contact you soon.


For ARTICLES, please make sure you contain all the words and pictures inside the file. You can only insert less than 5 images inside your articles. APA does appreciate composition for your articles but the content is more important for this situation. You can either send us a word document or other editable document.

For VIDEOS, you need to send a link of YouTube. Please make sure your video is UNLISTED. The video length should be less than 10 minutes.

For ILLUSTRATIONS / EDITED PHOTOS, please make sure you make a series of pieces and have the content to explain your ideas and how they relate to your experiences. You can only insert less than 5 images for your reflection piece. You can either send us a word document or a pdf.

For OTHER TYPES of pieces, we are glad to know you want to be more creative. Please make sure you will send them in one file, pdf is preferred for these situations.

Q1: How APA decide the number of the rewards?

For each program, if we have less than 10 participants, we will only pick 1 best piece for that program.

If we have 10-20 participants for the program, we will pick 2 best pieces.

If we have above 20 participants for the program, we will pick at least 2 best pieces.

*APA will give $100 to 1-2+ participants for each program. 

**APA will give $500 to 1 participant who made the best piece of the year 2024.

***APA will give $100 each participant (All: 3) who made the most creative piece of the year 2024.

Q2: How could I get the reward?

Please make sure your email could receive the email from our official doman(@apacademic.org).

After you have been selected, our staff will contact you by email to will make sure you will receive the reward.

Have Questions?

Send us a message and we’ll contact you shortly.

APA will announce the Final Reward List for the year 2024 on January 31, 2025.


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