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Summer Program


Apr 9, 2023


Jun 26 – Jul 21, 2023


2.5 GPA to apply


Spend a summer in Singapore at Singapore Management University (SMU) in a city where has perfect fusion of Asia and sustainability. Different cultures meet here and develops a well-mixed diversity. SMU provides excellent teaching and global vision with Asia focus in the summer of post-pandemic time. As a global city university, SMU provides students with a unique opportunity to experience life in the very heart of Singapore. The strategic location of its modern campus enables students to attend and participate in a wide array of stimulating events, from dialogues with distinguished speakers to international forums and alliances. The university’s multi-cultural and international faculty and student body expose students to differing perspectives, equipping them with the information and inspiration to reimagine a better future for the world.


Dive into your summer in Singapore quickly by taking APA’s comprehensive 2-day Orientation Program, including logistics set-up, campus and dorm tour, city tour, program orientation sessions, cooking class, and meeting with the local student community.

Get to know Asia by extending your footprint to not only Singapore, but also nearby countries like Malaysia and Thailand.

Participate in APA’s off-campus components, including cultural activities, APA community events, volunteering opportunities, and alumni networking.

Spend four weeks with SMU professors and international students. You will learn new insights and perspectives on trends and developments in Asia, engage industry leaders with interests in Asia through dialogues, learn from peers worldwide and forge intercultural friendships.

Credits for courses taken in this program can be recognized at students' home universities or institutes.

Rest assured knowing that the APA on-site coordinator and other staff are there to provide continued support throughout the program.

University Introduction

Established in 2000, the Singapore Management University (SMU) is internationally recognized for its distinguished teaching and world-class research that addresses Asian issues of global relevance.

SMU’s city campus is a state-of-the-art facility located in the heart of downtown Singapore, fostering strategic linkages with business, government and the wider community.

SMU has outstanding world ranking. For example, it ranked #14 among specialist universities worldwide and #38 globally for Business & Management Studies in QS 2021.

As the third university in Singapore, SMU is designed to be an experiment in diversity and an American-style university offering a broad-based education in contrast to Singapore’s tradition of the more specialized British model.

Singapore, as a cosmopolitan city state with a thriving entrepreneurship and innovation scene, offers myriad opportunities for all.


  • You may enroll in a maximum of two courses, with the first from the morning courses and the second from the afternoon courses, to avoid a timetable clash. You can mix and match courses from both Asia and Sustainability tracks.

Each course confers 1 SMU Credit Unit, equivalent to 3 – 4 US credits.

Each course consists of 36 contact hours, with 3 interactive classes per week per course.

The language of instruction is English.

APA recommends submitting your application anytime from February 28 for Summer Program.


Summer 2023

Application Deadline

April 9, 2023

Arrival Date

June 24, 2023

APA Orientation Program

June 25 – June 26, 2023

Classes Begin

June 26, 2023

Program Ends

July 21, 2023

University students from around the world

Latest academic transcript or official acceptance letter from home university

If English is not the main language of instruction in applicant’s home university: one of the following test result, obtained within the last 2 years, is required:

– IELTS score of 7.0

– TOEFL score of 583 points (paper-based) or 93 points (internet-based)

Application Fee: USD 150 (counted to your total program fee. The fee is not refundable except for cases of application failure or program cancellation)

Program fee: $5,250 for one course, $6,990 for two courses

*Program fee includes tuition, on-campus course(s), off-campus components, housing, matriculation fee and SMU Student’s Medical Insurance

*All fees include Singapore’s 7% Goods and Service Tax.


APA have arrangements with off-campus accommodation providers to cater to students’ needs. Kindly note that The SMU campus is situated in the heart of the city, with many private housing options within walking distance. It is conveniently accessible to amenities and transportation networks.




1–2 Courses

Official academic transcripts from the host institution


APA 2-day Orientation Program

APA Community Events

Practical Learning (select one from consulting project, site visits, volunteering project)

Visa preparation assistance


Airport pickup and reception

Local SIM card for access to services on local networks

Travel advice

University insurance

On-site support and 24/7 access for emergency needs


  • –   International airfare
  • –   Student visas
  • –   Books
  • –   Meals during the semester 
  • –   International Travel insurance

*APA can book flights, process visas, and provide international travel insurance for students if needed.



APA offers scholarships to students studying abroad in the Asia-Pacific region. The APA TO YOU Scholarship is a need-based scholarship granted by APA each year to students on study abroad programs. Students are welcome to apply for the scholarship. APA prioritizes students who participate APA programs.



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