Virtual Learning

a different way to Experience the World

In response to the global pandemic and social distancing restrictions, virtual learning has become widely applied in education and academic field. Though in-person contact is still much popular and preferred, technology does open up possibilities to virtual learning experience and enable people to communicate in larger communities. We, your APA team, are committed to developing innovative international learning opportunities through both offline and online platforms.

About Virtual Learning

Possibilities of Virtual Learning
•   Virtual Briefings & Panel Discussions

•   Mini Courses

•   Remote Internships

•   Virtual Culture Tours

•   Student Exchanges
Opportunities of Virtual Learning
•   Enable communication among a larger group of participants without geographic limitation.

•   Set expectations and better prepare students for in-person study abroad trips.

•  Lower financial boundaries for students to be involved in global engagement.

More information about Virtual Projects

Sample Program

APA ft. Agnes Scott College: Global Cities Virtual Journey March 2021

Let us know how we can support your curriculum goals or contribute to your students’ global visions.


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