University-Based Program

Seoul, South Korea



Summer Program


May 15, 2023


June 19 – July 21, 2023


2.5 GPA to apply


Live in Seoul with a unique representation of the combination of the nation’s ancient history and futuristic modernity which makes Korea a pioneer in the field of business and technology. Studying at one of East Asia’s premier study destinations Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), with 70 courses in English taught by 40 distinguished professors from top universities, students will deepen their knowledge of the subjects and develop perspectives on current global issues.


Dive into your summer in Korea quickly by taking APA’s comprehensive 4-day Orientation Program in Seoul, including logistics set-up, campus and dorm tour, city tour, program orientation sessions, cooking class, taekwondo class, and meeting with the local student

Credits for most courses in this program can be recognized at students' home universities or institutes.

Enjoy the city that has 9 UNESCO world heritage sites, 3 million international residents, more than 100 museums, numerous religious monuments, parks, markets, festivals, sports teams, the Gyeongbok, and Changdeok palaces.

The summer program is a unique academic program dedicated to sharing and experiencing the fascinating story of Seoul, Korea's 600-year-old capital, and to develop students' global engagement by providing opportunities to share different perspectives on global issues, make friends with various cultural backgrounds, and explore Korea's history, culture, and society.

Participate in APA’s off-campus components, including cultural activities, optional internships, APA community events, volunteering opportunities, and alumni networking.

Rest assured knowing that the APA on-site coordinator and other staff are there to provide continued support throughout the summer.

University Introduction

Sungkyunkwan University was founded at the beginning of the Joseon Dynasty in 1398 as the highest national educational institute in the early years of the Joseon Dynasty in Korea.

As the oldest university in East Asia, Sungkyunkwan University has fostered leaders of SK society for over 600 years.

In the modern era, Sungkyunkwan University has partnered with Samsung. This has enabled SKKU to develop dynamic academic programs, making it a driving force in the technological revolution.

As a university with a combination of tradition and innovation, SKKU is the place to rediscover the past and set a course for the future.


Students can choose up to 3 courses. Each ISS course, which provides 3 academic credits, requires students to fulfill 3 study hours per day throughout the whole program, while Korean Language courses worth 2 academic credits required them to fulfill 2 study hours per day.

The class will be from Monday to Thursday.

The language of instruction is English.

DepartmentCourse Title & SyllabusTime
Business & EconomicsAn In-depth Look at the Role of Culture in Global MarketingMorning (09:00~11:45)
Advertising and Popular Culture
Digital Marketing
Behavioral Economics and the Economics of Altruism
Principles of Finance
Strategic Management
Understanding International Finance, the Global Economy, and Exchange Rates
Forecasting & Time Series Analysis Utilizing Big Data
Business AnalyticsAfternoon (13:00~15:45)
Consumer Behavior
Macroeconomics: policy and business after the financial crisis
Investment theory
Psychology of Fintech
The Present and Future of International Trade
International Business and Management
Corporate Finance
Social Science & HumanitiesCross Cultural PsychologyMorning (09:00~11:45)
Climate Change: Science, Technology and Policy
Understanding Global Conflict
AI for Social Innovation
Introduction to psychology
Digital Strategies in Media and CommunicationAfternoon (13:00~15:45)
Introduction to Social Problems
AI Contents Design
International Cooperation & Development
Computer & Data ScienceStatistics in PythonMorning (09:00~11:45)
Data Visualization
Introduction to Computer Architecture
Algorithm & Problem Solving
Introduction to Machine Learning
Artificial IntelligenceAfternoon (13:00~15:45)
Human Computer Interaction
Cyber Security
EngineeringTechnology, Society and SustainabilityMorning (09:00~11:45)
Engineering Communication 2
Engineering Mathletics 2
The 4th Industrial Revolution Technologies and PracticesAfternoon (13:00~15:45)
Heat Transfer
Korean Studies & Korean LanguageGlobalization of Korean Popular CultureMorning (09:00~11:45)
History of Modern Korea
Korean Cinema and Contemporary Korean Society
Basic Korean
Korean Cinema World RisingAfternoon (13:00~15:45)
K-Pop, Hallyu and Korean Society
Intermediate Korean
Basic Korean
Intermediate KoreanEvening (16:00~17:50)
Basic Korean

Dr. Yongling Gorke


Students will stay in a dormitory, which is managed by SKKU. All SKKU dormitories are located on the campus within a 20-minute commute (by walk or public transportation).

Students will be randomly assigned rooms and roommates (2 students share 1 room with 2 beds).

*Notes: Dorms will not be offered for quarantine, and if quarantine is required for arrival SKKU will put up a notice regarding the required quarantine on the NOTICE by May.

APA recommends submitting your application anytime from January for Summer Program.


Summer 2023

Application Deadline May 15, 2023
Arrival Date June 19, 2023
APA Orientation Program June 19 – June 22, 2023
Classes Begin June 23, 2023
Program Ends July 21, 2023


  • –   2.5 or higher GPA
  • –   No language prerequisite


  •    *Application Fee: $100
  •    **Program fee: $3,090 for 1 course, $5,090 for 2-3 courses


*Application fee will be counted to your total program fee. The fee is not refundable except for cases of application failure or program cancellation.

**Program fees include tuition, on-campus course(s), off-campus components, and housing.

Academics Logistics


1–3 Courses

Official academic transcripts from the host institution


4-day APA Orientation Program

APA Community Events

Practical Learning (select one from internship, consulting project, site visits, volunteering project)

Visa preparation assistance


Airport pickup and reception

Local SIM card for access to services on local networks

Travel advice

University insurance


  • –   International airfare
  • –   Student visas
  • –   Books
  • –   Meals during the semester 
  • –   International Travel insurance

*APA can book flights, process visas, and provide international travel insurance for students if needed.



APA offers scholarships to students studying abroad in the Asia-Pacific region. The APA TO YOU Scholarship is a need-based scholarship granted by APA each year to students on study abroad programs. Students are welcome to apply for the scholarship. APA prioritizes students who participate APA programs.



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