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Nov 1, 2022


Apr- Jul 2023


2.5 GPA to apply

Spend one or two semesters at Yamanashi Gakuin University in Japan, which is most famous for being the home of Mount Fuji. This comprehensive program will sharpen your liberal arts study in a multi-cultural learning environment with a beautifully traditional Japanese setting and immerse yourself in very essence of Japanese culture with gorges, hot springs, temples and shrines. During the semester, you will live in a private housing with international and local students. Out of classes, there will be organized APA community events, excursions, and cultural activities.


Dive into your study and life in Japan quickly by taking APA’s comprehensive 4-day Orientation Program, including 1-day tour in Tokyo, logistics set-up, campus and dorm tour, destination city tour, program orientation sessions, cooking class, and meeting with the local student community.

Experience stunning nature and authentic Japanese culture in the capital city of Yamanashi where Japanese cultural and natural wonders.

Choose from 4 major courses of Global Business and Economics, Political Science, Interdisciplinary Arts, and Japan Studies to sharpen your liberal arts study.

Participate in APA’s off-campus components, including excursions, cultural activities, APA community events, volunteering opportunities, and alumni networking.

Access to APA on-site coordinator and other staff for continued support throughout the program.

University Introduction

Yamanashi Gakuin University (YGU) is a private not- for-profit university in Kōfu City, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. Yamanashi Gakuin was founded in 1946 with a comprehensive educational system from kindergarten, primary school to university and graduate school.

Yamanashi Gakuin University aims to contribute to society by nurturing students with profound knowledge and creativity, globalized perspective, and deep understanding of Japanese culture.

Yamanashi Gakuin University is a relatively small but quite diverse university with around 4,000 students from 165 countries. You can not only get along with local students but also enjoy Japanese culture with friends from all over the world.

You will be studying in International College of Liberal Arts (iCLA) of Yamanashi Gakuin University, an American style liberal arts college where the primary language of instruction is English. iCLA offers students unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the very essence of Japanese culture, whilst acquiring a contemporary and globally relevant education.


Students can take 12-18 credits every semester. The value of each course is about 3 credits.

Students can choose any courses from four majors (Global Business and Economics, Political Science, Interdisciplinary Arts, Japan Studies) offered by International College of Liberal Arts (iCLA). Some advanced courses may have prerequisite requirements.

The language of instruction is English.
< td bgcolor="#EBF5FB" width="377">Political Science
Interdisciplinary Arts Japan Studies
Art Appreciation Japanese Society and Culture
Interdisciplinary Arts Calligraphy and Kanji Culture
Calligraphy and Kanji Culture Workshop: Traditional Japanese Culture
Workshop: Drawing I Workshop: Japanese Koto
Workshop: Traditional Japanese Culture Workshop: Shakuhachi
Workshop: Painting and Sculpting I Health & Physical Education 1 (Nanba)
Workshop: Graphic Design I Health & Physical Education 1 (Aikido)
Introduction to Language Concepts Health & Physical Education 1 (Judo)
English for Specific Purposes Health & Physical Education 1 (Karate)
Literature Appreciation Health & Physical Education 1 (Shugendo)
Fundamentals of Sound and Music Workshop: Fuji Culture
Workshop: Guitar Japanese History Since 1800
Workshop: Interactive Art Japanese Traditional Music
Workshop: Japanese Koto Japanese Art and Aesthetics
Workshop: Shakuhachi Japanese Economy & Business
Japanese Society and Culture Contemporary Japanese Literature
Workshop: Acting I Manga & Anime Studies
Workshop: Directing Samurai Code and Culture
History of Art History of Japan’s International Relations
Japanese Art and Aesthetics Workshop: Experiencing Teaching Japanese
Workshop: Drawing II Health & Physical Education 2 (Judo)
Workshop: Painting and Sculpting II Health & Physical Education 2 (Karate)
Workshop: Graphic Design II History of Technology in Japan
Sociolinguistics World History
Semantics Japanese Cinema History
Rhetorical Analysis and Composition Japanese Traditional Theater
Contemporary Japanese Literature Workshop: Noh Theater
Japanese Traditional Music Kabuki Theater
Music Technology Comparative Literature Studies
Workshop: Interpretative Dance Common Curriculum
Manga & Anime Studies Academic Reading Across Disciplines
Samurai Code and Culture Composition 1
Workshop: Acting II Composition 2
Art Studio Expository Research Writing
World Englishes Omnibus Themes (Spring) or (Fall)
Modern Japanese Society and Culture Through Literature Modern Japanese Society and Culture Through Literature
Creative Nonfiction Elementary Japanese 1
Kabuki Theater Elementary Japanese 2
Audio Engineering Elementary Japanese 3
Japanese Cinema History Career Design 1
Japanese Traditional Theater Other Electives
Workshop: Noh Theater Intermediate Japanese 1
Art & Communication Intermediate Japanese 2
Comparative Literature Studies Professional Writing in Japanese
Contemporary Literature, Politics, and Economy Preparation for the N2 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Global Business and Economics Workshop: Experiencing Teaching Japanese
Microeconomics Kanji in Contexts
Macroeconomics Advanced Japanese
Intermediate Microeconomics Current Issues in Japan
Intermediate Macroeconomics Socio-Cultural Communication in Japanese
Game Theory Japanese Politics and Diplomacy
Japanese Economy & Business Introduction to Python Programming
Operations Management Entrepreneurship
International Business Marketing
Marketing Small Business Finance
Money, Banking, and Financial Markets Non-profit/Social Enterprise Management
History of Technology in Japan Global Politics
Economic Growth: Theories and Evidence Introduction to Computer Science
International Trade & Economics of Globalization Preparation for the N1 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test
Small Business Finance Introduction to Psychology
Entrepreneurship Psychology of Human Personality
Corporate Finance Social Psychology
Public Economics Microeconomics
Industrial Organization Macroeconomics
Competitive Strategy Japanese Society and Culture
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Political Science Game Theory
Statistics Mathematics for Data Science
Methods of Social Research International Trade & Economics of Globalization
Comparative Politics Contemporary Literature, Politics, and Economy
International Relations Public Economics
Introduction to Public Administration Statistics
History of Japan’s International Relations College Algebra
Public Policy and Service Math for Liberal Arts
International Relations in the Asian Pacific Region Modern Japanese Society and Culture through Literature
Japanese Politics and Diplomacy Introduction to Computer Science
Nonprofit/Social Enterprise Management Methods of Social Research
Workshop: Political Simulation Game Non-Profit/Social Enterprise Management
Global Politics


Yamanashi Gakuin University offers comfortable single-room on-campus student accommodation to all students. International students and Japanese students reside together which gives you plenty of opportunities for building global friendships.

YGU accommodations are designed for you to find a balance between privacy and social life that suits your own lifestyle. Living spaces within the accommodations are separated between individual rooms and common areas, with several facilities to share like mini kitchen, shower rooms, and toilets. Residents will also have access to a laundry room at all times of the day.

All students residing in student accommodation are enrolled in YGU meal plan. There is a spacious cafeteria where health-conscious and delicious meals are served three times a day on weekdays.

APA recommends preparing your application as early as possible as Japan university programs close early and have little possibility to extend application deadline.

Student places are limited in YGU.



Spring 2023

Fall 2023 (Tentative)

Application Deadline

Nov 1, 2022

Jun 1, 2023

Arrival Date

Mar 27, 2023

Aug 27, 2023

APA Orientation

Mar 27-30, 2023

Aug 27-30, 2023

Semester Period

Apr – Jul, 2023

Sep – Dec, 2023

  • – Currently enrolled in a U.S. university
  • – Providing two reference letters from home university professors
  • – Providing your Personal Statement Essay, Study Plan in YGU and high school graduation certificate
  • – No Japanese language requirement
  • *Application fee: $100 (non-refundable)
  • **Program fee: $13,850 (including tuition, admission fee, housing, meals on workdays, and others)
  • Students can get 5% off if the application is complete one month prior to the deadline.

– APA advisory support (program registration and Course registration advice)

– Airport pick-up and APA 4-day orientation

– APA excursions and community activities

– University orientation

– Tuition fee for 4-6 Courses

– Official transcripts from the host university

– Credit transfer assistance

– Housing (bedding) and internet

– Visa process assistance

– International flight booking support

– Local SIM card for access to services on local networks

– On-site support and 24/7 access for emergency needs


  • –   International airfare
  • –   Student visas
  • –   Books
  • –   Meals during the semester 
  • –   International Travel insurance

*APA can book flights, process visas, and provide international travel insurance for students if needed.



APA offers scholarships to students studying abroad in the Asia-Pacific region. The APA TO YOU Scholarship is a need-based scholarship granted by APA each year to students on study abroad programs. Students are welcome to apply for the scholarship. APA prioritizes students who participate APA programs.



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